Project Description

A powerful fog cannon for warehouses and factories etc.

PROTECT 2200i is the most powerful fog cannon for burglary protection on the market. It is particularly appropriate for warehouses, large offices, shopping centers and large entrance ways.

Important facts about PROTECT 2200i™:

  • Discharges 2700 m3 of fog at full speed in 60 seconds*
  • Flexible adjustment between 900 and 2875 m3 to exactly fit the room size*
  • Pulse function for up to 10 min.
    (effective fog maintenance)
  • Anti-sabotage, impact-resistant steel casing
  • Compatible with IPCard, MultiCard, IntelliBox and ZOLO GSM Alarm System
  • Colours available: White and black
  • Up to 5 year warranty
    (requires online product registration)
  • Tested and approved in accordance with IEC 62642-8
  • European quality – Danish design

*It’s important to perform a test firing of the installation – and not only rely on the calculation of cubic metres.