Project Description

Compact fog cannon for smaller rooms in businesses.

A compact fog cannon designed for fog protection in small server rooms, bank vaults, ATM’s, offices and rooms.

Important facts about PROTECT FOQUS™:

  • Discharges enough fog to cover a room up to 25 m2 in 25 sec.*
  • Flexible adjustment to exactly fitting room size
    (3 settings)*
  • Pulse function for up to 3 min.
    (effective fog maintenance)
  • Anti-sabotage, impact-resistant steel casing
  • Compatible with any alarm system including ZOLO GSM Alarm Systems
  • Compatible with IPCard, MultiCard and IntelliBox
  • Colours available: White
  • Up to 5 year warranty
    (requires online product registration)
  • European quality – Danish design

*It’s important to perform a test firing of the installation – and not only rely on the calculation of cubic metres.