Project Description

Control unit for easier installation and wireless control

IntelliBox control unit makes it easier to install, service and operate up to sixteen fog cannon units in a single installation. IntelliBox has been developed to facilitate monitoring and servicing of the system centrally.

Important facts about PROTECT IntelliBox™:

  • NEW. With the IP version of IntelliBox you get access to the fog cannon installation via IP/internet. You can monitor the installation as if you were present. It is especially relevant when installations are high up, and at considerable distances apart
  • Especially relevant in houses where draw cables will not be appreciated
  • Used in installations where separate units are released manually for robbery and assault situations (“panic button” solution)
  • IntelliBox cuts costs and facilitates easy installation and service!
  • Easy and fast to connect fog cannon to the alarm system
  • One unit and one interface for the control centre
  • View current status and error messages clearly on a log system display
  • Cabled or wireless solutions (or mixed)
  • Suits all PROTECT Fog Cannon units (except Xtratus)
  • Information is transmitted from the IntelliBox to the alarm technician’s PC using IntelliSuite software so that all information can be monitored
  • Available as USB and IP versions
  • Accessories for IntelliBox: IntelliBusCard and IntelliWirelessCard