Project Description

Special USB cable for retrieving data from the fog cannon

This cable, together with IntelliSuite, provides a clear overview of substantial data for the connected fog cannon.

Important facts about PROTECT IntelliConnector™:

  • NEW – IntelliSuite and IP! When the fog cannon is electronically connected to IP/the Internet, it can be accessed via IntelliSuite worldwide! You can use IntelliSuite as though you were next to fog cannon
  • IntelliConnector reads current status – for example the remaining lifetime of the batteries
  • Reports historical events/data
  • Ensures better installations
  • Easier trouble-shooting
  • Provides documentation for maintenance and service
  • Faster and more accurate technical hotline
  • Connect directly to the fog cannon unit or to an IntelliBox
  • Connection to an IntelliBox allows you to access all connected fog cannon units via IntelliSuite
  • Ask your fog cannon provider for the free IntelliSuite software