Project Description


XTRA+ 1.1 L



Important facts about XTRA+ Fog Fluid:

The PROTECT XTRA+ Fog Fluid generates into a dry, dense and white fog. It looks like smoke but it is completely harmless and very effective against criminals.

  • We call it XTRA+ because it hangs longer in the room (up to one hour)
  • It is quick and easy to replace any type of container, without spilling a drop
  • The PROTECT fog fluid containers usually have fluid for 2-8 discharges
  • Your alarm installer will inform you when the fluid level is low, or the fog cannon will bleep and flash (or both)
  • XTRA+ contains water and glycol and is harmless and will not cause damage to humans, animals, electronics and fixtures etc.
  • Approved by laboratories and testing institutes worldwide
  • Fluid containers for 600i, 1100i and 2200i fog cannon are reusable. A reused container comes with a reduced price, and benefits the environment. Contact your local supplier for more information