Project Description

Setup and configuration of the fog cannon becomes “Point & Click”

The UniBusCard brings together all the benefits of IntelliBox and IntelliSuite in the building’s alarm system.
All fog cannon features can be integrated in the alarm system setup menus.

Important facts about PROTECT UniBusCard™:

  • Databus-controlled card (RS485)
  • Signals via databus to and from the alarm system
  • All service features known from IntelliSuite and IntelliBox is available via databus
  • Fog cannon connected directly to the alarm system databus as any other alarm IO module
  • From 1 to 16 fog cannons can be connected to one alarm system
  • Great savings in time and cable when connecting one or more fog cannons
  • Can be installed in all PROTECT models in just a few seconds (Xtratus excluded)